Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We Listened to Her, and We Found Our Voice

Yes I said yes she will yes.


Anonymous said...

This is what a real feminist, a real leader, a real inspirational role model looks like! I needed today's hearing just to hear a real leader leader again discuss pressing issues affecting people - and specifically women and children - around the globe. The coverage around Obama is like visiting an entertainment gossip site - one day he's shirtless at the beach, the next day he's looking for a pet. I go to Perez Hilton for that mess! I expect actual news from the NYTimes!

vonda said...

Beautifully put, Molly.

Falstaff said...

I had a moment's pause, on accounta that was written by a man, after all. But then I figured, what the hell. It just won't work with: "... how any one could ever imagine unquiet slumbers for the sleepers in that quiet earth."

vonda said...

Haw! No, it really wouldn't.

But I must say your short post was the first time that much quoted sentence ever gave me goose bumps.

Even if it was written by a man about a phenomenal real woman using words written by a man said by a fictional woman.