Monday, October 26, 2015

Ugly all the way down

When I watched 60 Minutes' interview with Joe Biden last night, I expected Bob Somerby to write about it, and he doesn't disappoint. I suspect he may be right about the source (he's speculating that it was Jill) -- but, as he says, it doesn't matter much. Joe allowed this slime to float around for three months in the community's water supply until there was no longer any chance it would help him.

And actually, it's worse than that. He and whoever actually dished to the Dowd lifeform didn't just engage in the creepiest kind of tabloid sleaze directed at Hillary, but they used their own tragedy to do so. They soiled the deathbed of their son -- or, if he really did say this, showed us all the home video of him soiling it -- to do so. How sick, how hate-filled is that? 

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