Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Cast a cold eye on life, on dreck...

... and let the horseshit pass by (h/t Mr. Yeats).

Gene Lyons reminds us what we're dealing with when the press covers the Clintons. Same goes for the slime making its way around the social intertubes that Hillary is no feminist because she brutally silenced Bill's female victims. The Dowd, of course, is entirely in thrall to this stuff -- and so, again, are some lefty bloggers and posters.

So just remember, it's a crock. The accusers were not credible, not even remotely so. Hillary didn't slime Connie Hamzy and Gennifer Flowers. They were bathing in it. She did not call all single mothers "deadbeats." She did not say that black youths were "super-predators": she said that super-predators existed. And Whitewater. And Vince Foster. And "Travelgate." And Benghazi.

Has she made mistakes? Of course. Has she changed her mind? Yes, and good for her. Has she devoted her adult life to pushing progressive causes? Well, those infected with CDS lose interest there -- unless they happen to be wingnuts, in which case she's the communist lesbian thieving lying vagina dentata bitch from hell.

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