Saturday, August 30, 2008


Can’t anybody speak Latin anymore?

Jonathan Alter: "Happy birthday, Johnny Mac! You're 72 now, a cancer survivor, and a presidential candidate who has said on many occasions that the most important criteria [sic] for picking a vice president is whether he or she could immediately step in if something happened to the president."

The joke you don’t get to make.

Gail Collins is just one of several columnists and bloggers congratulating themselves on suggesting the "drop-dead line" for Joe Biden to use in the veep debate: "I know Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is a friend of mine, and governor, you're no Hillary Clinton." Problem is, the DNC and Obamacans threw over Hillary -- again -- to pick
Joe Biden. The shrillosphere salivated at the very mention of her name for a year, falling over each other in their adjectival vitriol. You can't now claim she's yours -- even if she maintains party loyalty, out of grace and professionalism. You can't piss in my face and then tell me my complexion is shiny.

Aren’t anti-stalking laws meant for
a situation like this?

I mean, that’s just this past month.

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bmcs said...

Yes, but if Joe Biden tries to use that comment on Sarah Palin, I submit that Palin would be the winner of that moment when she says right back to him:

Senator Biden, are you plagiarizing lines again?