Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Riddle Wrapped in an Enigma inside a Mystery

Can anyone possibly explain how this got published?


David Berger said...

Dowd has become one of the least interesting writers around... sadly stuck in some sort of mid-90s time warp. As a whole, the NYT op-ed lineup reflects an utter lack of imagination, intellectual provocation or wit. And the hidebound folls running that joint wonder why their earnings continues to plummet.

Falstaff said...

And on top of that, she's devolving stylistically from nasty/clever to some kind of incoherent babble. It's not just that she has nothing to say -- but she can't even say her nothing comprehensibly. (And how pathetic is it that she tries to show off her snarky erudition -- the fact that she's read Pride and Prejudice -- and in the process reveals that she hasn't understood a word of it. She seems to think Austen was focused on the need to improve style and manners. Gak.