Monday, May 23, 2016

A sickness, not a movement - updated

This is dynamite in understanding the reality of the Bernie phenomenon. And the Perfesser adds his usual invaluable gloss. These Bern-feelers don't even support single-payer as much as Hillary's supporters do. CDS all the way.

Update: And what does he do if she absolutely crushes him in California (and, of course, New Jersey), as she did in New York? Is there the faintest glimmer of a hope for actual grace?


Brendan Moody said...

He'll blame it all on Hillary's refusal to give him one more debate, as if the one in New York did anything for him. I think what's really chafing him at the moment, apart from the need to deny how badly the voters have rejected him, is that she's so thoroughly moved on from campaigning against him. And so he's making these grandiose demands to write the platform, approve her cabinet, etc. I'm sure right now he feels like he's standing up to power on behalf of his movement, but if he keeps this up he's going to discover that most of his supporters are Democrats before they're Berniacs.

Falstaff said...

Agreed. And, as the Times piece makes clear, even the Berniacs -- many of them -- have no serious investment in his proposed policies.

Garima said...