Wednesday, May 4, 2016

No duh

I'm sure Michelle Goldberg will be furiously trolled for this -- but it's all true, and needed to be said, because this kind of crap. And this.


JP Frenza said...

I told you the Sanders folks would not go gently into that good night ...

The Michelle Goldberg piece is just what I needed to fend off all the "Bernie beats Trump in the national polls" conversations I keep hearing. He may lead but only because no one takes him seriously ... yet.

Two things I need help with:

1) The Sanders people are out to destroy HRC. I am getting constant pings saying that she stole the election because -- imagine this -- you have to be a registered Democrat to vote in a Democratic primary.

Lots of stuff like this:

2) I am also scared shitless Trump is going to win. I had the same feeling about Al Gore. I hope I am wrong but mark me down as officially nervous. Clearly, I need help.

Falstaff said...

I read this same shit, JP. It's continuing proof that mishagas has no ideological bias. But the poll numbers are still what they are. She can't lose the nomination, or the election. And just as we're hearing the ooh-I'm-so-scared "I haven't even begun on her" crap from Trump, neither he nor these CDS-infected life forms of the left have seen her rev up for the general election. She is a force of nature, and will sweep them before her.

Tell yourself as you drift off to sleep: Hillary Clinton will be the 45th POTUS. Future American children will be surprised to learn that her husband was also president before her. :)

JP Frenza said...

I so needed that ... !