Tuesday, May 17, 2016


These people are certainly principled.

Update: Here are the details. Seriously bad shit.

Update 2: Hypocrisy all the way down.

Update 3: The perfesser's right: not ending well.

Update 4: This is the demon whose life -- and whose grandchild's life -- is being threatened by Sanders supporters. And thank goodness some are calling a spade a spade.

Update 5: And this is the cancer that is invading the Democratic Party. The new Ralph Nader. A narcissistic whiner who is drunk on the adulation at his rallies. He's said it: He doesn't care about consequences.

There is no longer a cost-free way to manage this. Hillary has to be firm and whip this superannuated infant's ass. And if he pouts, takes his marbles and goes home without endorsing her, she has to go out and beat Trump anyway. It's a damn shame this had to happen, but it's not fatal.

Update 6: This is a moment of truth for Elizabeth Warren. She needs to denounce Bernie. Indeed, all real progressives need to do so. This guy is now a real and present danger to a progressive political agenda. He's the Donald Trump of the left, and serious leftists need to say as much.

Update 7: Well, the Nevada convention is starting to look like a tipping point. Jeff Weaver is not the only bad actor here -- it's the whole campaign that is deliberately spreading lies -- and the world now knows that. Even many Bernie supporters know it and are appalled.

Again, it's sad that it has come to this -- Bernie was never a serious candidate for president, but his campaign was, for awhile, salutary in pulling the Overton Window to the left. Alas, it wasn't just that. It was also a cult-like vehicle driven by ego that could become infected with misogyny.

And, by the way, when Bernie can be devastatingly made into a joke, you know it's over.

Update 8: One more thought: This makes the choice of Warren as veep more likely.


Hui Zhou said...

Burn, baby, burn! He is a joke. Oh, he is a legend. Well, he is a joke after all.

JP Frenza said...

Falstaff ... I have said this before and it bears repeating ... the Bernie supporters that I have encountered (and I have encountered a fair amount of them) cannot be reasoned with and are openly hostile.

This example is one of many.

My Facebook page is full of rage against the Democratic Party and HRC. This past weekend I was in a heated argument about why non-Democrats should not be able to vote in a closed primary. This is our party and we should decide the nominee. All I met with is we want what we want and we don't care. Do I think we will align behind HRC as a party -- yes, 100%. But the Bernie people are as bad as the Trump people -- but only slightly less violent.

It is so bad that I don't engage Bernie supporters anymore. And the problem is getting worse.

I will make a prediction -- more Republicans will vote for HRC than Bernie voters.

p.s. What happened to Robert Reich? My goodness ...

Falstaff said...

Reich has long been infected with CDS. But he actually knows the economics, and therefore knows that Bernie's proposals are as full of magic asterices as are Paul Ryan's. That he would lend his support to that kind of duplicity is shameful.

And when it comes to hypocrisy -- get a load of my second update.

JP Frenza said...

OMG ... just saw your second update. Words fail.

He will not go gently into that good night ...

Brendan Moody said...

And Sanders' just-issued statement on the Nevada debacle is appalling. One grudging sentence abstractly criticizing violence and harassment, and then a lot of disingenuous whining about how his campaign's attempt to overturn the actual result and poach a few pledged delegates fell short.

Until now I'd been assuming that once he'd had his snit over losing he'd support Clinton and campaign against Trump. Now, I don't know. If he does, it's pretty plain that his heart won't be in it. Luckily, his dead-end supporters are the kind of preening "outsiders" who wouldn't have voted for an actual Democrat anyway.

JP Frenza said...

Yep. The CNN piece on what actually happened in Nevada is very telling:

And they have a new hero:

JP Frenza said...

Don't forget this. From Daily Kos no less:

Falstaff said...

Sometimes one doesn't know whether to laugh or cry. But the fact that some CDS troops of 2008 -- Chris Matthews, Markos & crew, Avarosis, for example -- are now backing Hillary is certainly encouraging, I'll take it.