Monday, June 13, 2016


This election is presenting not just a clash of ideology, but of maturity. Hillary is the only grown-up in the room. Trump is obviously an infant, but Bernie isn't a whole lot farther along the developmental curve. He's a spoiled brat -- a superannuated terrible two -- who pouts and has to be coddled into accepting reality. His "revolution" isn't based on any real idea of a future society or a political process to get there. He hasn't envisioned new social or economic relations. This "revolution" is nothing more than a simplistic kvetch about not getting everything he wants.

In fact, as many have noted, the real story isn't these comically inadequate candidates, but their followers. How, one wonders, can millions of people actually decide they like Donald Trump? Similarly, how can alleged progressives choose to turn their future over to someone so patently incapable of actually doing anything?

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