Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The testimonials start coming in - updated

This from Kevin Drum.

This from Ezra Klein.

More to come.

Update: Another.

Update 2: Another good one.


JP Frenza said...

First Obama ... and now this ...

This must feel good for both HRC ... and Falstaff.

Falstaff said...

And for you. :) The hits keep on coming. These two are obviously huge. And combined with the other kinds of hits that are landing on Trump from his own party, things are looking good. I expect we'll see this reflected in the polls next week, btw. Already, even Rasmussen has her up by 4, and Reuters by 8.

JP Frenza said...

Definitely! I know that after New York you felt elated and rightfully so. But I stayed up well into the night to see her win California and that hit me the hardest -- for some reason it felt the best. I truly believe she is going to be a great President -- a truly great President. You watch. She will be a modern day FDR. But I am getting ahead of myself.

Thoughts on where she goes with her VP pick? You think Mayor of San Antonio? I am not so sure. Do you think she even dares to make a call to Mike Bloomberg?

Falstaff said...

It's a tough call. I guess my gut is still to play it relatively safe -- but I'll admit that I'm attracted to the idea of, say, Al Franken.