Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Heck of a job, Barry

If only events had slowed and stabilized so our somnolent president could run the new play he had finally figured out. He took a year to work up the mindset and the courage to throw a punch at insurers, and the results were delightful. Encouraged, he began to apply the same medicine to the bankers and Wall St. I was contemplating being at least a less disgruntled camper.

And then the Gulf of Mexico has a massive coronary -- an environmental 9/11, as Tom Friedman accurately described it. And as if to prove himself Bush III definitively, Barack Obama stands like a deer in the headlights, helplessly watching the epic catastrophe unfold. Issuing stern, empty warnings. Sending Cabinet secretaries out to issue stern, empty warnings.

You cannot make this stuff up. The signature event that tanked Object-Lesson-in-Chief... in the exact same place on the planet... and At-Least-I'm-Not-W grabs for... W's playbook.

Well, my pet goat is lying on the beach, choked with oil.