Thursday, August 14, 2014

Will wonders never cease?

Maybe it's MoDo's promised exile to the Sunday magazine -- for which all sane people are deeply grateful -- that has prompted Gail Collins to drop her obsessive quipping and offer a reasonable take on the Hillary Atlantic broohaha. Maybe Elba, like the hangman's noose, concentrates the minds of non-exilees. Dowd, of course, continues her CDS drivel, as does Frank Rich. But, then, that's who they are.

As to the interview itself, it is, as anyone who reads it soon sees, nuanced and thoughtful in ways the headline writers -- and Goldberg himself, in his overhyped intro -- fail to capture. And what it really demonstrates is what Collins, amazingly, gets right -- that Hillary is saying what she really thinks, and feels free to do so. That's what we can expect from her candidacy, and her presidency. Which will be quite refreshing.