Sunday, October 30, 2016

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

If we had any ham...

... we could have ham and eggs. If we had any eggs.

This critique of the right is, of course, right -- but it begs the real question. If the GOP could drain its media swamp, it would be a completely different animal. It is a creature of that swamp.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Every. Single. Word

Rebecca Traister nails it. There are too many money quotes to quote, but the punchline is especially perfect -- that Trump's campaign is to "make America hate again."

Monday, October 3, 2016

The hits... - updated

... just... keep... on... comin'. And comin'. And comin'.

Update: Nate Silver's polls-only odds have gone up, like, a point an hour today (Oct. 3)! On July 30, their chances were separated by two-tenths of a percentage point. Today, Hillary's chances of winning are 71.8% to Trump's 28.2%... with the second debate still to come, and Trump is full meltdown mode. Nice.

Update 2: Keeps on keepin' on. 76.2 on Oct. 5. And the prospects are delicious.

Update 3: Another day, another bump -- and the promise of more. Now 78.4 on Oct. 6.

Update 4: 79.3 on Oct. 7. Can't wait for the debate to harden this trajectory.

Update 5: Cracks 80 -- and this is before the grope video and Sunday's debate are factored in. Is this the start of a landslide?

Update 6: Could well be.

Update 7: On Oct. 11, it's now 84%.

Update 8: Maybe this is wishful thinking... but when you wish upon a star -- including those who can grab pussy anytime they want -- sometimes your dreams come true.

And yes, by the way, who the hell grabs pussy?

Update 9: Thursday morning, Oct. 13 -- 86.8%, with a bullet.

However, this.

Update 10: Also, I'm confused. A poll comes in showing Hillary up by 10 in Oregon... and the 538 average drops by a percent? The mysteries of algorithms...

Update 11: It keeps not being the blowout one wishes, but with every passing day, it also becomes clearer this is in the bag. Oct. 19: 87.4%. And the Senate is now shaping up very nicely. If this holds, she'll have a real majority there.

Update 12: I guess it's good if the election has plateaued at 85-86% closer and closer to Election Day -- but it's dispiriting that the third debate didn't cause the bottom to fall out for Trump. Anyway, don't look gift horses in the mouth, and all that.