Thursday, July 9, 2015

Prime time - readiness division

We can already confirm that reports of Jeb Bush's political death are post-mature. It's not just that his out-of-touchitude is immediately being underlined by the data -- as in the wire-service pieces on his gaffe -- but that it plays into an already strongly-held existing narrative, the congenital out-of-touchness of his family: 41's supermarket scanner gaffe, Dubya after Katrina, and Jeb's own flubbing of the most obvious question he would be given as he began his campaign, on Iraq.

Further, the great sucking sound we're hearing is of the air rushing out of the GOP clown car and into the lungs of epic-fail candidates. So far, it's the Donald and the Jeb! and the, er, Tanned One. The others will follow. In fact, that sucking sound is the noise that an institution and culture in decline makes.