Sunday, October 19, 2008


Obviously, Gen. Powell’s endorsement of Sen. Obama adds one more log to Sen. McCain’s political funeral pyre. And I agree that the post-partisan orthodoxy is being laid on thick.

But isn’t the most obvious motive here not policy but simple opportunism and reputation repair? I think it’s clear that Colin Powell – he of the false selling of the Iraq War, of good soldier trumping good judgment – is seeking to rewrite his own obit. He's trying to undo his Lord Jim-like failure at a moment when it really mattered. So call me cynical, but I suspect he is more concerned with what associating himself with Barack Obama can do for him than with what he can do for Barack Obama.


Anonymous said...

All those anti-war Obama supporters (the ones who vilified Hillary for her AUMF vote) must be mortified.

Shainzona said...

Has Powell ever endorsed a liberal before - in any capacity?

And I love your caption....
Colinoscopy! Beautiful imagery.

I feel sorry for Powell. I used to respect him. Before Iraq and before Obama.

(BTW...I don't think this endorsement helps BO one bit.)

Anglachel said...

Falstaff, you win the award for the simultaneously most clever and most "Eewww!" blog post title on this topic.

I bow before your mad wurd plai skillz.


Falstaff said...

Ah, the coveted Eewww Award. Thank you, you do me honor. And I will gladly continue to dodge the gendarmes of the Pun Control Board, if I can continue to post this stuff for free.

Palomino said...

I have only the amount of respect for Colin Powell that he is owed as a fellow sentient being. He is a career kissass. He was heavily involved in the coverup of My Lai, and he had no qualms about insubordination to his commander-in-chief when it came to President Bill Clinton's executive order barring discrimination against gays in the military. Indeed, he was open and quite vocal in his opposition to Clinton, and to my mind that should have been a firing offense.