Friday, September 18, 2009

I am woman...

... watch me fend for myself. (h/t Tennessee Guerilla Women) So nice to know that our Democratic president is protecting the delicate consciences of misogynists everywhere.

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Unknown said...

Excellent post – short and snarky.

I'd like to see how the "conscience" rules would work with a religion that mirrored the overt sexism the rules pander to.

That would be a religion in which women made a woman's body the template for the human race, defined women as the only humans worthy of speaking to or being recognized by any divinity, defined women as the only ones capable of interpreting and administering Her will and gave women the power to turn men into subhumans by the simple act of having sex with them.

I can't imagine a religion like that existing in the first place, much less having a presidential order forcing its beliefs on non-members.