Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Encouraging - Updated

Are we headed toward sanity? This is exactly the right battle to pick next -- and this would be a hell of a second punch to throw. Of course, the proof, the pudding, and all that... But, might our president actually have grokked the right political lesson? Is he gonna start throwing combinations? Be still, my hopey heart.

Update: Even if Krugman is right that there is little chance of financial reform before November -- which seems entirely plausible -- that doesn't alter the political calculus. The main point, politically, is for Obama and the Dems to get out there and throw punch after punch. Frankly, I will be astonished if they don't. This isn't rocket science, it's sweet science.

Update 2: More grist. As His Shrillness's latest column suggests, it's now down to the politics. Shelby and others will attempt Orwellian FUD, so our president must get out on the stump and make it clear, forcefully, daily, unambiguously, that he and his administration regard banks as bad guys. As with the last month's push for the ersatz healthcare bill, the imperative is no longer to argue the fine points -- it's to clarify the sides in the battle.

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