Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The summer of our discontent - Update

Looks like the economy speech was not a new awakening, but an aberration. We're fucked. Millions of people will suffer grievously for our phony Democratic president's appeasement of this. How long is it before we'll see Obamavilles popping up all over America?

Update: This is what selling a sell-out sounds like. When I've compared Obama to Hoover or Coolidge, it was primarily a statement about fecklessness. But now, it's looking less like an analogy and more like a conscious policy choice. We elected this guy, it seems, to undo the New Deal and return us to the state of affairs under Coolidge and Hoover.

In the mornin', in the evenin', ain't we got fun?

Update 2: This whole spectacle is excruciating to watch -- regardless of your view of Obama's motives. Whether he's a walking cypher being pushed around by batshit crazy bullies... or a Republican in his heart who is engaging in (increasingly ineffective) kabuki to carry out his financial masters' agenda... it's not just enraging, but also humiliating. One wants to turn one's eyes away from this playground scene.

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