Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sinking ship

The GOP's plunge into stark raving insanity is accelerating -- witness the departure of even its putative "moderates." Anybody who isn't mad as a hatter is booed offstage, and if you want to stay on that stage, you have to put on your best Ophelia 24/7. No knowing asides to the audience allowed.

Please, please, Dems -- wake up, seize this moment. Do not be content to get elected because "at least they're not crazy." Recognize that we now have one party rule -- because the other party is into misrule, unruliness. No more bullshit post-partisan posturing. No more self-flattering "reasonableness." Instead, do serious economic analysis and push for serious solutions to real problems. You're gonna get another shot at actual power -- the Republican Party is melting, melting. Don't blow this.

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