Monday, July 30, 2012

Actually Wanting to Win

This blog was forged in the Mt. Doom of the '08 primaries, fueled by the misogyny and anti-Boomer, "post-partisan" fallacies of the still-crawling-toward-Bethlehem-to-be-reborn Democratic Party. For many people, that is now yesterday's news. Perhaps this includes Bill and Hillary themselves. I have more trouble getting past it -- though I definitely want Obama and the Dems to win this November. Even if I can't get progressivism, even if I can't have someone who would read Krugman and turn those analyses into legislation... when forced to choose between feckless -- or even corporatist -- "centrists" and a batshit wingnut road to hell, I'll choose the former. It really will matter to millions of people's lives.


It is a mordant irony to see the political and policy fratboy amateurs of the Cult of the Precious turn, once again, to a Clinton to bail them out. After demonizing them, slandering them, rejecting the wisdom and the smarts that they had brought to this floundering institution. Once again, a Clinton is carrying their water, after they have pissed all over his leg. Once again, they find themselves turning to actual leaders, who actually want to win, and know how to do so.