Monday, November 5, 2012

And from the other side of the moon... Updated

You really have to wonder what Noonan will do to explain herself the morning after. But maybe, if you can talk yourself into actually loving Romney, it's a sign that you'll never wake up.

Update: Well, we no longer have to wonder. What she does to explain herself the morning after is, Romney-Janus-like, simply assert she never said what she said. Reality evaporates. Monday's faux-poet of right wing hope becomes, handy-dandy, Wednesday's finger-wagging, I-told-you-so Cassandra-scold of the right wing's fundamental flaws.

And, of course, Noonan is not the only Martian in this head-exploding comedy. She is legion -- pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. We don't have enough microwaves - it's an Orville Redenbacker orgy.

The irony is beyond thick here -- its gravitational pull is growing into a self-absorbing (literal and conventional) black hole. 

Update 2: Krugman on the deep magic of the GOP dissolution. If this party isn't fit to stand trial, it would be the height (or depth) of irresponsibility for our president to continue propping them up. Any talk of bipartisanship or reinforcement of the memes of "fiscal cliff" or "entitlement reform" is a betrayal of the American electorate.

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