Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Bern Out - Updated

Subhed: She Kicked His Ash.

Of course, god forbid her extraordinary night -- bringing her vote total to 1 million more than Bernie's, and sweeping, it looks like, all five states (Missouri still being too close to call, but moving her way) -- should be the subject for celebration.

Eight years ago, of course, when Hillary was much closer in delegate count to Obama -- and that was before Michigan and Florida were stolen from her -- the air was full of exasperated cries for her to accept reality and drop out. In fact, "exasperated" doesn't really capture it. More like "vicious." This despite the facts that she went on to win big victory after big victory... that she wound up with more votes than he... that her candidacy had as legitimate a claim to historical significance as his.

Where are those cries for Bernie to quit this time around? Double standard, folks?

Tomorrow's carping, petty NY Times editorial reminds me of one of my favorite D-movie moments, which came in Joan Crawford's last picture, Trog. She's a scientist at some provincial British clinic, and she discovers a long-frozen troglodyte, whom she teaches to speak and read. The local townspeople, led by a village skeptic played by veteran character actor Michael Gough, demands a hearing to find out what kind of monster she's keeping. She brings Trog to the hearing, makes an impassioned plea for science and progress, and then Trog says a few words. The sneering skeptic, standing in the back of the courtroom, folds his arms and says, his voice dripping with derision, "So the monster speaks."

Update: This guy Tom Cahill of U.S. Uncut is the new Baghdad Bob -- a comic performance artist from whom we can expect progressively (pun intended) deranged flights of delerium. Anybody who posts his drool on Facebook unironically is a fool.

Update 2: More grist for The NY Times is Pathetic file. Someone objective -- say, a journalist -- might have noted that she swept all five states, putting an end not only to Bernie's candidacy but to the meme that nobody loves her, everybody hates her, she should go eat worms. That's what a journalist would have done. What the NYT did was to posit some equivalence of loathsomeness between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Oh, wait, I forgot. The Times is in the can for Hillary Clinton. Sorry, I'll try to keep these things straight.

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