Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Clear and present danger

The radicalization of the Republican Party proceeds apace. It is no longer a mainstream governing institution. It has become a treasonous cabal, dedicated to overthrowing American democracy. This is Trump as symptom, rather than disease. The latest evidence: this and this. The patriotic response by the Democratic Party, defending the people and the Constitution, must be forceful. As president, Hillary must use executive authority, er, liberally. Chuck Schumer must get rid of the fillibuster. We are truly in danger from this treason, and it must be crushed.


Unknown said...

There is a relatively recent paper (Ober, 2008) that studies the meaning of democracy in ancient Greek classics. The conclusion is that the original meaning of democracy is "capacity to do things"-the collective capacity of a public to make good things happen in the public realm. It is amazing how relevant this is to politics in the 21 century. Clearly, the American Experiment is facing a new test in the (mis)information age and this election is part of the test. Hopefully American people will live up to the task and honor the original meaning of democracy.

Falstaff said...

Very interesting -- thanks. It also has implications beyond the election. If the capacity to do things is the essence of a -cracy, then the concerted attempt by the right to create stasis -- indeed, to destroy the institutions that are the means for doing things -- is even more specifically anti-democratic.