Friday, June 15, 2018


In comedy, we know, timing is everything. But in a Trumped-up world, everything is comedy, of the blackest hue (all puns intended)... so it follows that everything one sees is timely. Or so it seems. On the plane over to the Netherlands 11 days ago, I watched The Death of Stalin and The Post, both of which are commentaries on the present moment. The former is a better film, but both wind up resonating with us because we're actually living in fascism redux and Nixon redux.

What's Pixar got on tap?

P.S. Steve Buscemi and Meryl Streep are terrific, respectively -- though Buscemi, my fellow Sloper, is more of a revelation. A hail-fellow buffoon was certainly not type casting, but it didn't end there. He managed to keep Kruschev's character clear and consistent throughout, while undergoing a real arc. Should get an Oscar nod, though he probably won't (as, of course, Streep did).

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