Wednesday, June 4, 2008


This is the kind of psychotic vitriol that Obama will need to denounce or somehow marginalize, if he has any hope of winning in November. And this:

Chris Matthews: "Can she obey?"

As I've been saying, this beast is just getting warmed up. It's gonna get really vicious -- and that viciousness, contrary to conventional wisdom, will not primarily come from the right. The GOP and the right in general are depleted of energy -- to be either nasty or enthusiastic. The emotional energy in this cycle is entirely within the Democratic Party -- but not necessarily in the "Isn't it great that so many people are voting" way that it's usually framed. The rolling thunder here is the misogyny of the Left, which is waxing, not waning.

The rough beast will not be placated by Hillary's loss -- look at what the New York Times and NBC are publishing on the night of Obama's victory declaration. Class? Graciousness? Not so much. This meme is bound for glory. It's going to keep going, fueling its bottomless rage by blaming her prospectively for Obama's impending loss (for starters).


Unknown said...

Dowd says, not for the first time, that Hillary has been trying to emasculate Obama. Wasn't it Dowd who came up with "Obambi"?

Here's a depressing discussion of potential Dem VP picks ( The post is a good round-up of instances of sexism and why Hillary supporters' grievances need to be addressed. The comments make me feel old. First, people keep talking about "why Hillary lost." Nobody mentions that more people have voted for her. Then there's the debate over whether Hillary "lost" because of sexism. Nobody brings up the long-ago-laid plan to run the Clintons out of the Party by cultivating one representative of the Dem constituency at the expense of another. (Obama himself thought he was too junior, but Daschle told him now was the time, before he had a record.) They knew what it would take to knock her out: divide and conquer. The sexism wasn't a reason, but a tactic.

Finally, there's no mention of Brazile et al.'s declarations that traditional parts of the FDR coalition are no longer necessary, to be supplanted by "creatives." (Which seems to mean anybody who works at a computer, so far as I can tell.)

Yeah, we're going to see a lot of feces-flinging-monkey behavior. As Anglachel said, it's a grievance to men that women can compete for their jobs.

Falstaff said...

And I assume you saw this: As I like to say (I enjoy my own tropes, and why not? What's a blog for?), the Clintons are regularly excoriated as being willing to do anything to win by people who will do anything to lose.

Unknown said...

I just left your URL at Dr. Socks's place:
She's making a list.