Saturday, June 21, 2008

Osric - Updated

In this whole drama -- which has involved a fulsome complement of carnal, bloody and unnatural acts, accidental judgments, casual slaughters, deaths put on by cunning and forced cause and purposes mistook, fall'n on the inventors' heads -- is there anything more pathetic than this bunch, this generation of the lefty blogosphere?

Don't get me wrong. I expected that the judgment of history would come down hard on them. But I didn't expect it this soon. I figured it would do so with what looked to me to be Obama's likely loss in the general election. That their abandonment of their putative principles, swallowing of Kool-Aid and discovery of their inner misogynist should be exposed five minutes after Hillary dropped out is a surprise, even to those of us well attuned to their delusional All-Hypocrisy, All-the-Time broadcast frequency. Talk about "You broke it, you bought it." These people are keeping Pottery Barn's brand alive.

If Obama is Fortinbras, these people are Osric.

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