Monday, September 15, 2008

October Surprise - Updated

... in September.

I am beyond my ken in the expert economics of this, but its political import is clear enough, even to an ignoramus like me. If this meltdown of the financial system happens -- starting in about half an hour from now (9:30 a.m. EDT, Sept. 15, 2008) -- the U.S. presidential election will (a) seem a lot less all-consuming than it did last night (including everything related to Sarah Palin), and (b) go to the Democrats in even more overwhelming numbers than it already promised to. Barack Obama will become our next president, not because he has the first idea what to do about the economy, but by default.

I guess you go into economic-crisis war not with the Democrat you want, but with the empty suit you've got.

Oh, and one more rogue thought: Anybody think this might be the pretext to replace Biden with Hillary?

Update: On second thought, nah. These guys won't be thrown off their game -- or lose the audacity of narcissism -- by a little financial collapse. They'll just conclude that now they've really got it locked up, and start planning the Inaugural Ball in the Grand Canyon and the Mt. Rushmore unveiling.

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