Friday, September 5, 2008

They Left "Cat-" Out of the Headline

"The Real '08 Fight: Clinton vs. Palin?" The volume and complexity of clueless, mordant irony in this piece is... well, it's what a shrink would call "overdetermined." I mean...
"At the same time, it may be against Mr. Obama’s interests to turn the election into a proxy fight between Mrs. Clinton and Ms. Palin. Obama v. McCain may be more favorable turf; Mr. Obama does not want to get bogged down fighting a vice-presidential candidate, or rely too much on Mrs. Clinton carrying his water."
Ya think?

Anyway, it's quite stunning how quickly the Palin nomination has done its work: changing the narrative, and the chessboard... and exposing the inherent weaknesses in the Obama campaign. Not to mention serving as a lure for the always-at-the-ready sexism of this movement and its press aides-de-camp, including the redoubtable Patrick Healy:
"Clinton advisers are emphatic that Mrs. Clinton does not plan to attack Ms. Palin. Whether that remains the case through the fall is an open question, especially if Ms. Palin starts doing as well with, say, women who watch 'The View' as Mrs. Clinton did."

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