Monday, October 20, 2008

Howler Alert

To: Bob Somerby
From: The Village
Re: Your influence

We expect you are proud of yourself. The dispiriting influence of your incessant howling seems to be spreading. We note for the record a violation of Rule One by a putative member of our community, one Paul Krugman (a gentleman we understand to have been recognized by others recently for work of some kind that is unrelated to the community's interests). Mr. Krugman was indecorous enough to use his membership to reference past observations by Our Dean, and compare them invidiously to previous writings of his own. That isn't done. Past observations are past. Our responsibility is to the present -- to the maintenance of an even flow of consensus through turbulent waters. Indeed, Our Dean’s remarks in question were, by definition, thoughtful and nuanced at the time, and if subsequent events have rendered them questionable... that is the work of historians, scientists and other tedious, infrequently published professionals.

Happily, this infraction took place in a venue of small importance -- a so-called "blog." Therefore we need not pursue a more forceful course of action, such as shunning. However, this is a slippery slope. We must insist, once again, that you cease your howling. Consider this a sternly worded letter.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

As a minor "howlin' wolf," I must say that it is a pleasure to read the ravings of Bob Somerby. Among today's "pundit's" and observers I would rate him with Voltaire.