Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Night of the Living Dowd - Update

Tell me, Chief, are they slow-moving?
Yeah, they're dead. They're all messed up.

Update: Thing about zombies -- they just won't quit. And this one is a truly persistent and icky specimen... so in thrall to her CDS obsessions... so deeply self-involved... so staunchly nasty... and so profoundly oblivious of her self-revelation.

As always with the Dowdster, one hardly knows where to begin the deconstruction. The whole piece is... a piece of work, as evra. I'll just call out one passage

"But I had been astonished by the overt willingness of some people who didn’t mind being quoted by name in The New York Times saying vile stuff, that a President Obama would turn the Rose Garden into a watermelon patch, that he’d have barbeques on the front lawn, that he’d make the White House the Black House.

"Actually, the elegant and disciplined Obama, who is not descended from the central African-American experience but who has nonetheless embraced it and been embraced by it, has the chance to make the White House pristine again."
She's talking about being willing to go on the record "in The New York Times saying vile stuff"!? Uh, Mo, maybe you shoulda had an editor question you about that one...

Rebutting the idea (whose was that, exactly?) that this will become "the Black House," she types -- to express that he will do nothing of the kind -- that he will make it "pristine again." Not black (or Black), but pristine...?

Please, please, please. Surely, even in these tough times, your medical plan still has provisions for psychiatric coverage, so you don't have to feel like you're throwing her out in the street. You fired Judith Miller. You fired Jayson Blair. You know how to do this.

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David Berger said...

God, how lame. And we wonder why the NYT's bonds have been reduced to junk status? :)