Saturday, September 1, 2012

It could be

Or, at least, here's what I'm permitting myself to hope this morning: That the choice of Paul Ryan will prove as disastrous in its way for the GOP as the choice of Sarah Palin -- more so, in fact, since the outcome of this election is far less certain than was 2008, post-Lehman.

It really is striking, and encouraging, that the MSM -- and even Fox -- have called out Ryan's Pants on Fire acceptance speech. Krugman's cries in the wilderness that he is not only deeply unserious but deeply phony seem less lonely today than they did before the convention. Perhaps marathongate will provide the second data point -- the establishment of a pattern -- necessary for a meme to drop anchor. Meanwhile, nobody is talking about Mitt's failed treacle, thanks to the birth of the Eastwooding meme. Thanks, Clint -- you really did make my day. All in all, these are wonderfully inept political mistakes, because they are so easily remembered. My guess is that there will be little or no convention bounce -- that Nate Silver's prediction will prove correct.

And now, if this piece in the Times is to be believed, there is considerable running-away from the Ryan Budget in Congressional races around the country. We know how it affected the special race in upstate NY a year ago. God willing, it'll do the same nationally in November.

I remain as jaundiced about Obama's failure as ever. But I also deeply fear a takeover by the right-wing radicals. I would definitely celebrate on election night if the Dems managed to reverse 2010.

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