Saturday, July 30, 2016

Into the depths

The Dowd pretzel of hatred is finding new ways to twist itself even tighter around its life's work -- the obsessive stalking of Hillary Clinton. New ways to find a new low. This piece is so deranged and vicious and wrong, one doesn't know where to begin. She's sticking pins into her voodoo doll while Trump bangs on the door. It's quite a spectacle.


anonymous said...

The Democratic convention was so uplifting, so hopeful, so energizing. HRC supporters should carry it forward from there.

The NYT is a shadow of its former self, especially under its current owners. Dowd is the visible body of the rot that brought them to their eclipsed state: pandering to the worst among the demographics of their audience, kowtowing to the sexism of their owners.

Falstaff said...

Thanks for the comment, anonymous, whoever you are. :)

anonymous said...

Thank -you- for providing the opportunity to comment on Mushroom Maureen's mycelial nature. Still hard to believe she's got any sort of national forum, however deteriorated.