Wednesday, April 20, 2016

He was never a serious candidate - update

Marcotte is right as far as she goes, and she's certainly right that he should drop out now. But she misses the deeper point. Yes, he's not seriously trying to win now -- for very good reasons (because it's impossible). But actually winning hasn't been a realistic possibility since Super Tuesday The internal contradiction of Bernie's campaign was that its only logic depended on not really trying to win. It was a flip of Groucho's line: "I wouldn't want to be a member of a club that would have somebody like me for a member." Bernie's not a serious candidate for president, but he was, for a time, a salutary emblem of a critique of our current politics  Turns out you can't have your cake and eat it, again.

Update: This is correct.

Update: So, it seems, is this. At least it's based on a lot of experience with him.

Update: And it's important to remember, as the Perfesser does here, that Bernie's economics were always basically trolling. They were pure smoke, and as pernicious in their way as the smoke coming from the fires of the right.


Unknown said...

Agreed. The Wolffe piece is particularly on point.

But then there is this:

I think it is time for VP speculation. Bloomberg? I have my reasons ...

Falstaff said...

I'm not really worried, JP. I think Bernie has been an annoyance, but I think it's pretty much over now. I think the New York results were a really bitter pill for him, hard to process. And the fact that he didn't campaign yesterday -- with five major primaries on tap for next Tuesday -- says a lot.

I wouldn't open up the VP discussion yet. It's not respectful to Bernie's supporters. He should be allowed to own the spotlight during the end of the campaign -- assuming he plays his part correctly. But indicating immediately that he won't be an important part of the general election -- since he's obviously not going to be the Veep -- would be unnecessarily harsh.

Unknown said...

Agree with you -- New York was the end of his campaign. Next Tuesday is the coronation. But I think there is a serious gap between him and his campaign team -- who do not seem to be getting that message. Very feisty debate on CNN last night where they were still pushing the "Hillary took Wall Street money and changed her stance on the bankruptcy law conversation."

I also agree HRC should not publicly open up the VP discussions just yet -- even though they have to be having quiet internal discussions. I was just speculating about the direction she might take.

I do think HRC will unite the party -- no question. And therefore being respectful is the most prudent path going forward. However, there is a serious slice of the Bernie supporters who are out -- they are the Bernie or bust crowd and there are a lot of them -- more than I imagined and alarmingly so. My Facebook page is lit up with this view ... Bernie or Bust and HillNo ... !

For our arm chair speculation I wonder if she moves left for the VP (Warren) or more to the center (Cuomo / Bloomberg).

Falstaff said...

My bet is still Castro.