Thursday, April 7, 2016

Lyin' Bernie - updated

Desperate times demand desperate measures, I guess. The Bern is banging its shins on reality and on mathematics, and they're panicking. The result is to start projecting wildly. Everything they're feeling, they're attributing to Hillary ("She's getting nervous"). Everything they're saying, they're claiming she said first ("She said I'm unqualified! Well, SHE'S unqualified!!"). Everything they're doing, they're justifying as a response to her -- while denying that they're doing it. Witness this post attributed to Bernie himself, though really from Jeff Weaveron Reader Supported News.

Need one point out that this CNN "report" is from an anonymous source?Need one point out that Hillary didn't somehow trick Bernie into embarrassing himself before the editorial board of the NY Daily News? That he didn't and doesn't have an idea how to enact the things he is proposing? That despite having been in the House and Senate for decades, he hasn't had enough interest in action to know some basic facts about how these processes work, much less about the facts on military or defense engagements or foreign affairs? Need one point out that many observers, including that same editorial board, found his performance borderline disqualifying? Need one point out that Hillary twisted herself into a pretzel to avoid having "unqualified" come out of her mouth when Joe Scarborough persistently pressed her to say it?

And now he's giving himself license to resurrect old rightwing slurs against her by claiming, falsely, that she started it. Not, it turns out, a good guy.

Update: A study in contrasts. Bernie doubles down on the whining attacks. Hillary doubles down on refusing to say he's unqualified -- saying, instead, that he's obviously preferable to a Republican.

Update 2: The White House has weighed in, supporting Hillary. Bernie has really stepped in it. He has shown that not only doesn't he have the skills or mindset to do this job, he also doesn't have the temperament. He's all-rant, all-the-time, a petulant, thin-skinned, narcissistic whiner. If you don't permit him to talk over you, if you force him to go off script -- as the Daily News editorial board did, by pressing him to explain "how"-- he lashes out.

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