Sunday, April 24, 2016

Pathetic - updated

Bernie and his campaign sure are helping America. I'm surprised she didn't wear a stained blue dress with Vince Foster's picture on it.

All issues campaign, eh?

Update: And Bernie won't even repudiate it. Nice.


Unknown said...

This doesn't surprise me. Does it really surprise you? As Falstaff pointed out earlier -- Bernie is not as pure as he presents (see gun issue).

I have been interacting with a number of Bernie supporters and have been taken aback by three things: 1) they actually hate the Clintons (and HRC, in particular), 2) they are not really Democrats per se, 3) they do not plan to vote in the general. I know that is not a representative sample but I have noticed the distinct pattern. To be fair, I also know a number of solidly Democratic voters (well-to do urban professionals) who are voting for Bernie in the primary and HRC in the general.

But the rest of the more rational world is now undergoing the process to get their head around what an HRC presidency will me. For instance:

Falstaff said...

It did surprise me that they would actually "go there." It doesn't surprise me that there are some die-hards -- nor that CDS is a real thing. But it WOULD surprise me if there was a significant body of Bernie supporters who didn't vote against Trump in the general -- at least, in any state where it matters. By "significant," I mean, like, as much as 5 percent.

Unknown said...

See the piece in this week's New Yorker on Susan Sarandon. After the whole brouhaha about wanting Trump to win so as to start a revolution, "She said that, during that fuss, Sanders had called her to say, 'You're doing a great job, hang in there, we've got your back.' "

Falstaff said...

I will - thanks. These people were SO not ready for prime time.