Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Fire in a crowded theater

Wow. Just wow. Donald Trump has suggested that gun owners shoot Hillary Clinton and/or the judges she will appoint. He's inciting assassination.

The Secret Service says they are "aware" of his remarks. Okay, and?


Brendan Moody said...

I suppose it should be heartening that only a few in the press are trying to use the willful misreading of Clinton's 2008 RFK comments to distract from the awfulness of this. But the fact that there's no pushback against that misreading just reminds me how certain lies about the Clintons pass into the mainstream narrative and are parroted even by those who don't have full-on CDS. ("The debate schedule was rigged for Clinton" looks to be the 2016 primary's addition to that list.) Journalistic "balance" at work: confronted with 1,000 lies from one side, pretend a couple are true so it doesn't look like you're favoring their opponents.

Some journalists do seem appropriately horrified by Trump's latest. But give it a week, and unless he's lowered the bar even further, they'll be back to whining about Hillary not doing formal press conferences and raking over the revelation that she, like the rest of the State Department, had e-mail practices that look a bit embarrassing in hindsight.

Falstaff said...

You are so right about that. Last night on CNN, Corey Lewandowski brought up the '08 comment, and everybody on the panel agreed it was awful. She has had to be so tough -- not only to keep on truckin' in the face of the attacks and misogyny, but to do so despite the universe's apparent lack of a decent ref.