Thursday, August 11, 2016

How she should proceed when she's president

Currently, for very good political reasons, Hillary is talking about her ability to work across the aisle. She wants to attract as many Republican and Independent votes as possible. And she does, in fact, have real skills and a record in doing so.

However, this piece is probably correct about the prospects for that. So once she's in, she should govern by executive authority in some key ways -- while continuing to pay lip service to bipartisanship.

The Fed should float a $1 trillion -- maybe a $2 trillion bond, which would provide the money to fund the infrastructure bank Hillary has promised, and more. It should pay for the doubling of America's corps of teachers, so that no classroom has more than 15 students. It should fund a new New Deal of programs to employ people and rebuild America for the 21st century. All of it done within the Administration, none requiring Congressional approval. And when the resulting economic growth and emotional renewal makes her re-election sure, then the 2018 midterms can look very different from the norm.

Yes, there will be wails about an imperial presidency -- as there were regarding FDR. Hillary should, as he did, welcome their hatred.

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