Friday, August 5, 2016

Unuseful idiots

WTF? The Times thinks Hillary should seize this moment by... confessing she was "extremely careless"?? Apart from the fact that she wasn't -- that Comey has since admitted that none of the emails was marked confidential -- this is a non-issue that has passed. Not only are her poll numbers vs. Trump rising, but her favorables on issue after issue are, too.

The NY Times editorial board is, as the man said, a idiot.


Brendan Moody said...

It's killing the press corps that no one cares about the e-mails, just like it killed them in 1998 that no cared about Bill's affair. They've been so desperate to bring down the Clintons for so long. Imagine the garbage they'd be coming up with if Trump weren't soaking himself in gasoline and lighting a match every five minutes.

Falstaff said...

So true. CDS needs to make it into the next DSM.